FIRST TIME ADVERTISERS on any of our sites 

1. Click on "Place/Update/Renew Ad" on top of left toolbar.  

2. Click on "Register Here" on the right

3. "New Advertiser Contact Information" screen comes up.

    Fill in all areas marked by a red asterisk.

    This is your contact information that follows all ads you post on our sites.

4. Click "Continue".

5. Select the site you want your ad on.

    National Cattle Ads are $25 & run for 60 days

    National Goat Ads are $15 & run for 60 days

    National Sheep Ads are $15 & run for 60 days

    National Swine Ads are $15 rub for 60 days 

    On Select- Free State Ad or National Ad -$20. Ads run 60 days. 

6. Click “Continue”

7. Enter ad headline and text – upload up to 4 photos.

8. Click “Place Your Ad”. For National Ads click “Continue to Payment Page” - pay there.

 Your ad text and photos can be updated at anytime. Now go to  and place your ad.

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